Razmišljanje: After Arsenal, There is Hope

Kratko razmišljanje navijača Petrič Jaka. Članek je v angleščini, upamo da to ne bo predstavljalo težave:

All this talk of “it's all over”, “top 4 is unachievable now”, dreams in tatters and so forth. I don't buy it.

United have won a few key matches, and it has given them their mojo back, but they're still not playing incredible football. What has surprised me in their recent games, was not their current form, but the capitulation of their opposition. Spurs were absolutely toothless, lost in a comedy of errors. As if they expected United to roll over. Where was Liverpool's pressing game? Where was our intensity? We had to lose Gerrard to a ridiculous red card to give us a resetting boost, more of a kick in the groin, and we then began to perform – too little too late. Arsenal was a match to forget.

For all the talk of character, Liverpool had none in either of their last two matches. BUT that doesn't mean it's all over. First off, we've got an FA Cup to contend with, and it's a cup we desperately need, to give us some confidence going into next season – let's take that positive and work from there. Secondly, much like our current slump, I feel United's biggest test is yet to come. They've got City, Chelsea and Everton next – 3 VERY losable games. They still have a hot Palace to manoeuvre away, and an Arsenal side which might get involved in the title race if Chelsea slip. Because of the goal difference, we're effectively 9 points behind United. If they lose to Chelsea and City, that could be as little as 2 points in the space of the next 2 weeks. THAT is far from over then, is it?

This is how I think it will unravel:

Chelsea win league, Arsenal and City come in 2nd and 3rd.

United’s fixtures Total points

City (H) – loss (0 pts) 62

Chelsea (A) – loss (0pts) 62

Everton (A) – draw (1pt) 63

West Brom (H) – win (3pts)

Crystal Palace (A) – win (3pts) 69

Arsenal (H) – loss (0 pt) 69

Hull (A) - win (3pts) 71


Liverpool’s fixtures Total points

Newcastle (H) – win (3pts) 57

Hull (A) – win (3pts) 60

West Brom (A) – win (3pts) 63

66 QPR (H) – win (3pts) 66

Chelsea (A) – draw (1pts) 67

Crystal Palace (H) – win (3pts) 70

 Stoke – win (3pts) 73

Sure, it’s all theoretical, and again, it all depends and what is going to happen on other pitches. But one thing’s for sure – we play with an evident ease if there is no apparent pressure, and there will be none because we’re so far off.

Heads held high Redmen, it’s far from over. “Make us dream” we said a year ago, let’s say it again,


YNWA people, YNWA!

Let’s all of us go again!